Sir Zia Khan Message to all PIAIC students

Free Online Learn to Earn FastTrack Bootcamp to Learn Freelancing and do Remote Work in the COVID-19 Economic Environment

I will teach you online to Build Full Stack Mobile Web Apps using React, Gatsby.js, Redux, QraphQL, Node.js/Express, and MongoDB and to sell your services on Upwork and Fiverr. I will also teach how to integrate AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Cloud Native technologies that you are learning in our regular programs.
Bootcamp classes/meetings starting after Eid on Saturday, May 30th at 10:00 pm

Every Saturday at 10:00 PM – 11:15 PM Pakistan Time
Every Tuesday at 10:00 PM – 11:15 PM Pakistan Time


I will be teaching this project-based bootcamp myself with the team of best developers and freelancers: Zeeshan Hanif, Hira Khan, Bashir Aziz, Daniyal Nogori, Moshin Khalid, Aamir Pinger, Adil Altaf, and Ameen Alam.


Prerequisites: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Please cover these topics before start of classes on May 30th)
Please start learning these topics immediately; the Videos on these topics have been released for everyone:



We have to understand humanity is facing a COVID-19 induced global economic recession and only the high-tech and software companies have grown and their stock prices have risen in this environment. We need to immediately get ready to face the upcoming economic crises boldly.


We have learned through our experience that the market demands not just specialists but also highly valued developers that can deliver end-to-end solutions. Currently we are training thousands of students who will be well equipped to adapt to this reality. However, we need to speed up the process. You might have noticed that in all our programs (AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud Native) we start with core courses specific to the track and in the end focus on end-to-end web application development courses. For example in the AI program we start with Python and Tensor Flow and end the program with React. This allows our students to not only be experts in AI but they also have the ability to develop end-to-end AI based smart applications and solutions. The same applies to IoT, Blockchain and Cloud Native programs.


In the current situation we don’t have the luxury to wait for the third or four quarter to focus on application development courses. We want you to be ready ASAP and start making money in the next few months. Therefore, we want our students to keep focusing on AI, Blockchian, IoT, and Cloud Native technologies and immediately also start learning web application development. This will allow them to build end-to-end solutions; this ability is highly valued in the market.


Topics we will cover in the bootcamp:
1. Short Intro to GitHub
Videos on Git have been released to students of all batches


2. React for Beginners
Project Due: Todo React App
Create a GitHub Repo and fill our assignment form to submit your project.




Project Due: Gatsby Project
Convert this starter’s data source from markdown files to Headless CMS Contentful data source.


5. Fiverr Intro
Project Due: Create a Professional Website Development Gig on Fiver


6. Redux Basics
Project Due: Create a Mobile Web App using React and Redux


7. API Development using Express and MongoDB (Atlas)


8. PWA


9. Docker and Google Cloud Run


10. CI/CD


Project Due: Build and Deploy Application that integrates AI, IoT, Cloud, or Blockchain technologies.
Project Due: Create a Upwork Profile and Start Bidding for Projects
Create or Join a Freelancing Team
Please note, there will be no quizzes during this bootcamp. All work will be project based. You will give your quizzes in the regular programs.

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