What is Hybrid Dual SIM Slot (New Feature) in Smartphones?

Hybrid Dual SIM slot is a new technology that confuses smartphone buyers a lot. When they hear this word, either they ignore or ready to know about it. What is this technology and how it will help us? This question is one of the hot topic these days. So, here I’m to guide you, what is this and what it does?

What is Hybrid Dual SIM Slot?

Hybrid dual SIM slot is a smartphone technology which is being used by many mobile makers around the world in the new flagship smartphones.  Instead of providing 3 separate slots (2 for SIM’s and 1 for Memory Card), the makers now provide only two slots. Out of these 2 slots, 1 slot is used for SIM while the second slot is used as either SIM or SD Card. In short, a user has two options for the second slot (what kind of slot you want).

Now it’s upon users, what they really want? How they want to use the other slot?

One SIM + One SIM

If they want to use the device as a dual SIM device, then use the second slot as SIM. Insert the micro SIM in the second slot and later your phone will be treated as dual SIM phone.

One SIM + One microSD

If they don’t want to use the device as a dual SIM, then use the second slot as microSD card. Insert the microSD card in the second slot and later your phone memory will be increased and now you can treat your phone as a single SIM. So, choose whether you want your device to be a dual SIM device or give it more storage. No hassles, No difficulty, all can be done within seconds.

Hybrid dual SIM slot feature is available in many new smartphones like – Samsung Galaxy C5, Galaxy C7, Meizu Pro 5 etc. In some smartphones, the internal storage is big enough (32GB/64GB), so I don’t think that you really need the hybrid slots to expand the storage!

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