DunyaEducationSoiree Our Education System is Killing Creativity in Our Children

Education is the act or process of acquiring particular knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits required for a profession or to understand this world. We need the education to understand things around us and to get most out of them. It helps us to understand the difference between good and bad, moral and immoral. Inshort education is of foremost importance as educated parents make better generation and uneducated parents spoil the race.

Creative people are dropouts

Sadly, our education system is just forcing us to learn the concepts, it tells us the difference between right and wrong but it is not helping us in becoming better humans. It make us follow our textbooks and try to move us from inspirational stories but do not encourge us to follow those inspirational models. We hear stories of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve jobs –  all of them are the ultra-successful millionaire and billionaire college dropouts. They are the ones who didn’t follow “nisaab ki kitabain” blindly to define themselves. They proved they were more than just that. They didn’t let grades get in their way because standards are for those who want to fly in a certain limit. People say “Sky is the limit”, why to limit ourselves?! Fly as high as you can beacause creativity has no limits.

Most of the creative people (like the names i mentioned above) are college dropouts because our schoolling system does not support creativity, they dont want us to think out of the box. They want us to be the followers not the creators. Schooling system make us strictly follow textbooks and expect us to learn them by heart. Our progress is judged by how well one did in the examination. Good grades mean smartness and intelligence and bad grades are a constant worry for parents. There’s continuous pressure from parents “k exams main achay marks anay chahiyen.”

Every kid is different. Is it fair to measure their intelligence from the same standard?! Even we measure eggs and chicken in different measuring instruments.

What needs to be changed

Schools should not only focus on acedemics but also encourge creative activities as well. Because skills can be built but creativity isn’t created, we are born with it and losing it; would be a great loss. As Pablo Picasso said;

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

We lose our unbound wild imagination as we grow up. Building castels from the sand, looking up in the sky and depicting faces from the clouds and then making stories. What memories! I dont remember when I did that last time.


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