Rose McGowan lends support to Meesha Shafi

The recent allegations from singer and actor Meesha Shafi against Ali Zafar have taken the Pakistani entertainment industry by storm, with celebrities lending their voice of support for both the celebrities.

Now it seems Pakistan’s #MeToo movement is garnering attention from Hollywood as well. American actress Rose McGowan took to Twitter on Sunday to show her support for Shafi.

McGowan was one of the first women to publicly accuse the Hollywood producer of rape last year, which led to the MeToo movement. More than 80 women, including actresses Ashley Judd and Cara Delevingne, have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault or rape since then.

The movement has made its way to Pakistan is well, after several well-known celebrities came forward with their own stories of being sexually assaulted.

Shafi took to Twitter alleging that Zafar has harassed her on multiple occasions.

“Sharing this because I believe that by speaking out about my own experience of sexual harassment, I will break the culture of silence that permeates through our society. It is not easy to speak out. But it is harder to stay silent. My conscience will not allow it anymore #MeToo,” Shafi tweeted.

Later, Zafar issued a statement denying the accusations.


The Coke Studio singer began his official statement by saying “he is the father of a young girl and a young boy, a husband to a wife and a son to a mother. I am a man that has stood up for myself, my family, my colleagues and friends countless times in the face of slander, defamation and general unkindness.”

Ali Zafar in his tweet further said: “I intend to take this through the courts of law and to address this professionally and seriously rather than to lodge any allegations here.”


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3 thoughts on “Rose McGowan lends support to Meesha Shafi

  • June 5, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Great. Rose McGowan supports Islm with its mandated FGM, child abuse, child brides, sx slavs sold as young as 1, unlimited sx slavs, bacha bazi boy sx slavs, gang-r.ape used to teach women to cover up & as war booty, women 1/2 worth of men in court, women flogged if they complain of r.ape & don’t have 4 male witnesses, etc. This is all Shria.


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