Emotions: A Blessing?

To a great extent, we are living in a society that is being driven by emotions. From birth to death, we are connected to each other with emotions or in other words are bound by emotions. This raises different questions. Should we feel or flee our emotions? And to what extent?

For the common people, emotions are the motivation to achieve their goals. Emotions guide our thoughts and actions which may be we are unaware of at certain times.

The emotions we experience have a great impact on the life we live. So if you feel the emotions, even negative ones, they are a blessing in disguise.

You would think as I’ve lost my mind as you have often heard of the people even committing suicide because of these “emotions”. That’s where to what extent part comes along.

As Les Greenberg said that we need to live in mind-full harmony with our feelings or what we call as emotional intelligence.

Let me tell you a story that we see almost every day and everywhere.

Imagine that you are going somewhere and you see a person crying on the roadside. On your inquiry, you come to know that he needs some money to save his child’s life admitted to a hospital. The sympathetic emotions will overwhelm you and you will help him in any way – possible.

Soon after, you come to know that he was an addict and that was his “professional” way of collecting money to buy drugs. Now, you will be taken over by emotions of repent and anger.

That’s just an example of being irrational and letting emotions take over yourself.

I’m not saying that being empathetic is not good. My point is that excess of everything is bad so are the emotions.

Emotions are integral to basic human functioning but justifying your actions merely on the basis of emotions is not right. Controlling the emotions intelligently is the key to success. Acquiring the ability to process and regulate emotions in a healthy way is one of the most important skills to live the best life.


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